The Ernest Hemingway Collection, whose namesake conveys the essence of adventure and charisma, embodies rugged durability through its use of unique materials. Featuring a leather-like vinyl with a warm patina, the PVC frame offers Laneventure's high quality that brings years of wear-ability.

Laneventure products are not simply well-designed, they are well-built. Their frames are built with great attention to enduring construction and fine detail in facilities around the globe, with key resources in Central America and Asia. They offer high-fashion touches you won’t find anywhere else: handcrafted finishes, hundreds of incredible fabrics, and dressmaker details in cushioning and throw pillows that may be accented with designer braids and trims. With Laneventure, it’s all about choices and opportunities to express your unique style.

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Cushions are also available in several Sunbrella fabrics.

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